Bridging Communities, Inc.



making our neighborhood safe

Our development program creates affordable senior housing communities. We also transform foreclosed properties into resident-owned establishments, and rehabilitate low to moderate income homes.

Through community organizing, we have strengthened our elders’ neighborhoods. This allows them to come out of their homes and interact with their neighbors, walk to the local markets, and be a part of the community again.

Bridging Communities, Inc. is a grassroots collaboration involving local unions, businesses, residents, social service and faith-based organizations working together to create caring communities where people of all ages can live in dignity in Southwest Detroit.

Our work improves the quality of life for elders of our neighborhood by meeting their needs and the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods through creative collaboration and innovative programming.
We use volunteer services to provide the pinnacle of compassionate, complete, and cost-effective service to assist elders in remaining in the community of their choice.

Our eldercare program offers professional assessments for the elderly who partner with caring volunteers from across Michigan to fulfill each identified need. Our services range from case management to friendly visiting, supportive transportation, minor home repairs, and much more.


Our intergenerational programs enact an all-ages circle of learning that breaks down age-based stereotypes and barriers in our community. We work to teach local youth how to connect with neighborhood seniors,  and to help the youth connect those seniors with services and resources that will help to meet their needs.