Bridging Communities, Inc.

Serving seniors in southwest detroit since 1980

Springwells Village

​BCI’s neighborhood stabilization work began by focusing on the neighborhood surrounding BCI’s original headquarters on Waterman St.  The Springwells Village neighborhood is typically defined as the area bounded by Dix Hwy. to the north, Waterman St. to east, Fort St. to the south, and Woodmere St. to the west.

The Pablo Davis Elder Living Center

BCI became more intimate with the needs of the elderly community of southwest Detroit it became obvious that the community had no quality housing options for individuals who could no longer maintain their homes. Completed in 1998 ‘The Pablo’ is an 80-unit affordable apartment complex located in George S. Patton Park at 9200 W. Vernor. The Pablo provides a quality built community setting for the elder tenants. For more information, please contact The Pablo Davis Elder Living Center: 313-843-8780.

​Patton Park Redevelopment

In 2000 BCI formed a collaborative to initiate investments and redevelopment of the 96 acre George S. Patton Park which surrounds the Pablo Davis Elder Living Center. The Patton Park Coalition consisted of a partnership between BCI and the Southwest Detroit Business Association, Neighborhood Centers Inc (now Urban Neighborhood Initiatives), The Detroit Water Department, and the Detroit Recreation Department. The group leveraged an investment of $10 million for renovation of a full service recreation center.

Click here to see PDF of development plan

Springwells Village Master Plan

In 2000 and 2001 BCI staff coordinated a neighborhood planning process to brand and redevelop the Springwells Village area. Funded by Detroit LISC, the Kellogg Foundation, and the SmithGroup JJR. The collaborative identified revitalization priorities in the following areas: Housing, Commercial, Transportation and Parking, City Services, Community Services, and Organizational Structure.
Residents of the area, including BCI’s Vaughnia Vega, and the following organizations were and continue to be collaborators on the plan: All Saints Housing, All Saints Neighborhood Center (now Urban Neighborhoods Initiative), SW Counseling and Development Services, Southwest Detroit Business Association, Southwest Detroit Improvement Association, Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, Southwest Housing Corporation, Southwest Neighborhood City Hall, Trinity Saint Mark’s United Church of Christ, and the University of Michigan Taubman School of Planning/ Architecture. Implementation of the plan continues transforming the area into a desirable urban neighborhood.

​Springwells Village Development Collaborative

In an effort to maintain the momentum of the Springwells Village planning process a collaborative was formed to envision a better future of the neighborhood and implement the Springwells Village Master Plan. The following organizations participate in the collaborative: BCI, Greening of Detroit, Urban Neighborhood Initiatives (formerly Neighborhood Centers Inc.), Southwest Detroit Business Association, Southwest Solutions, and Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision. For more information regarding the Springwells Village Master Plan or the Springwells Village Development Collaborative, please contact Urban Neigbhorhoods Initiative: 313-841-4447.


Springwells Village Townhomes: Phase I

In 2008 BCI completed the construction of 24 townhomes on scattered sites throughout Springwells Village. They are located on Cahalan St., Olivet St., and Carson St. The homes were designed for families that were made up of grandparents raising their grandchildren. For rental information, please contact the Springwells Village Leasing Office: 313-551-0538.

Springwells Village Townhomes: Phase II

BCI is presently predeveloping a second phase of infill development for Springwells Village. The plan for the project is to construct 30 scattered site, infill single family homes in the Springwells Village neighborhood.

​Springwells Village Single Family Foreclosure Program

In October, 2009, funding from Detroit LISC was received to purchase, rehab, and sell foreclosed homes in Springwells Village. The program is designed for BCI to purchase, rehabilitate, and resell foreclosed, REO homes. Program participants will receive financial literacy counseling from Southwest Solutions’ Housing Opportunity Center and energy efficiency / home repair classes from WARM Training Center. This program is currently operational. BCI began the process of buying and selling homes to homeowners in 2001 under the state rehabilitation program.

Any individuals interested in becoming homeowners in southwest Detroit are encouraged to call BCI at 313-361-6377 and ask to speak with a housing staff member.